Saturday, January 15, 2011

Trevor Ngintu Ari Pengada Umor 4 Tahun DiSpital

Selamat Hari Pengada Trevor Kent. Besampi Tuhan semampai merkat nuan enggau pengerai, pengrindu enggau pengelantang. Taja nuan ngintu ari pengada nuan ke 4 tahun dispital, aku meri besai terima kasih ngagai Tuhan laban meri nuan pengerai udah ke sakit tu tadi. Nenek sayang Trevor "many many".
~God ,my Father,
from You I have my being.
Be close to me and my family and hear my prayer.
Look upon us in our moments of need, for You alone can give us true peace.
May We share in the peace of Christ.
Gifts without measure flow from Your goodness to bring us peace.
Our Life is Your gift.
Guide our life's journey,
for only Your love makes us happy.
Keep us strong in Your love and give us Your Peace. Amen~
He will not let you fall; your protector is always awake. ~ Psalm 121: 3

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